I’m an idiot

because I didn’t sign up several years ago – however, better late than never. So, if I go with 3%, it’s approximately $40 less out of my pay, should I try to go with a higher %? I’m a little concerned about my take home pay since it’s just me and the critters and the mortgage etc.

Mr. Manager got my husband’s SSN correct…. not mine

They’ve taken what they’ve taken – he was very evasive and would not help out at all. (Surprise, surprise.) He said they got a lawyer involved, etc. And that a garnishment costs another $200.

So, I set up a withdrawal from 401K and will get the mortgage in on time (I hope). Friends from all over have helped out with food and gasoline and one friend even went in and paid for my husband’s insulin and heart medications. And we have a few more paychecks coming in this month, so we should survive.

Unless the money is in your hot little hands in the form of green paper, it is not yours!!!

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I know from first hand experience that collection agencies do not look a SSN

We went round and round two different times on an auto loan for another Sean Patterson, even spelled differently. They insisted it was my ds because he had the audacity to go the same college as the Shawn Patterson did. I had to threaten lawsuit to even get them to look at the ssn. Luckily ds was unemployed at that point so they didn’t get to garnish him like they tried.
The next time you talk to Mr. Manager ask him for the last 4 of the ssn and make him repeat it over and over until you get it. Just keep interrupting him until he slows down and gives it to you properly. The fact he’s rushing on means he knows something is wrong. Then point out to him that is not your ssn. Also demand to know when the court judgment was and what it was for. You will need all that info to get it straightened out.

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