So they took money from you

when they were supposed to take from someone else?!? I’m basing this on the fact that the account they were dealing with had a different SSN than yours… I think they screwed up, PERIOD. If that’s the case, the only way you could get the money back will likely be a lawsuit of your own. If it goes that far, get them for 10x what they took from YOU…

The amusement begins:

After much pushing of the ‘0’ button I reached a human being. She says she doesn’t know how much they took, but no, they cannot take any more. My paycheck will be fine on Friday. I asked about making some sort of arrangement so I could get my husband’s medications and so forth. She transferred me to a manager.

He rolled off my name and someone else’s last 4 digits of SSN and didn’t pause long enough for me to say “That’s not right.” Then he said “Oh, there is a cease and desist code on your account, so I can’t talk to you.” I faxed in the “permission to talk to me” letter he asked for. (Bad idea? good idea? neutral?) and noted that despite this “code” they have called my 15 times on my cellular phone at work after the date that he acknowledged this communication.

Mr. Manager person is supposed to call me back at noon. Let’s see what story he cooks up now.