On Friday, I went into our bank accounts

mid-day to discover that they had all been wiped out. Every penny I had set aside for the mortgage due on the 15th, anything we had for food, medicine, gas – it was all gone. Garnishment… No notice…

We have amazing friends who have brought over food, bought my husband’s meds, and given us gas money. So, the immediate necessities of keeping body and soul together are met. But the mortgage is due on the 15th….

I have about $8K in a personal 401K (rolled over from my last job). I could take the mortgage money out of it, but there would be a 10% penalty ($265 dollars) The late fee on the mortgage payment is about that much. Should I pull it out, suck up the loss, and bail us out?

I don’t think I could pull the mortgage together by the end of the month, and I’m afraid that if I did, I would just be behind for January (late fee) and continue that vicious cycle. My husband did not get his paycheck on Friday as he was supposed to, so that made it even harder.

Ya, after BS2, contribute

the maximum they will match, then take the difference between that percentage from 15% and put that into a ROTH, so it will be tax-free growth and no taxes taken out when you take it out at retirement.

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