Thanks everyone for the reply

I will talk to my husband and probably contribute up to the match. And no, we would never consider this for our kids college, I just want to be able to save for it as my oldest is only 7.5years away from college.

I would like people’s opinion on what Mark would recommend

I leant my TMM to my brother, so I don’t have my book and I don’t remember reading this section. My husband and I are trying to decide whether to join his company’s 401K that he is now eligible for. He is almost 41, I am 38. We are on BS2 and have 2 kids 11 and 7. I have a 401k with approx $4,000 in it which I contribute 3% since it is matched by my company. We have no savings for our kids college education. It looks like from the company information, that 3% is matched by the company. For my husband’s years of service, 50 cents on the dollar will be matched. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.