In answer to your question earlier this week end

Zero based budget items I include other than the basic 4 walls, and payments to the cc.


Feed for the critters—average out the year and then add a few bucks so you aren’t stuck with hitting your emergency fund for hay next year.
Medical, for us== co-pays, rx’s and such
Regular vet visits,– vaccinations, specialty feed etc.
Car insurance—we pay by the 6 months it’s a lot cheaper that way
Sinking Funds: I have a cap set on each of these for the balance I want to achieve
Emergency vet visits
Household repair/replace
Eye glass/dental fund
Travel—it’s a no-no, but we do it anyway and it’s the last one funded
Farm equipment replace/repair/build
Truck repair/replace

And when we were still adding animals I had a “bird fund” as well—that was for new birds and equipment.
Plus any annual dues we had.
So sorry about Agatha, that explains why I didn’t hear from you yesterday. You know she knew she was loved and at least she had got to come home to see her “Mama” before she passed. That was a very good thing.