Well we did better on not eating out this week

and stayed home snuggled up near the first fires in the fireplace of the winter. It got down right nippy here in ok the last few days and I’m told more is headed our way. Luckily the company brought ds in from the field for this next two weeks or he’d be climbing a gas plant right now in the El Reno, OK area, which is where the snow and ice hit. The company, as I have said before, is very family based and they decided—before the bad weather notices—that ds should be home for Thanksgiving week and his birthday week the next week. Then the bad weather notices hit and they had him go ahead and turn in his rental car too, saying if it gets real bad in December they won’t be sending him back until it clears up.
They also agreed to purchase him a fire resistant parka for when he goes back. Thank goodness, his blue Smurf suit isn’t very warm! He had been wearing so many layers under it he looked like Charlie Brown all bundled up to go out in the snow.
Both men got in about 10 hours each overtime again last week, I think Best Buy is doomed within the next 2-3 weeks. But no guarantees right now.
Dh got the Christmas tree out for putting up this coming weekend and checked the lights to find out the power surge we had last winter burned out ALL of the bulbs on the strings. So new cheap lights were purchased. So we are all ready to decorate this coming weekend.
I’m still plugging along cleaning and culling as I go. Finished up our third week of super cheap meals for dh and I while ds was gone. So that helped the budget greatly.
So basically this week was same old, same old.